Chemical instrument maintenance plan

Recently yearly, as the rapidly development of electric, environment protection, petroleum, chemical industry and research development, water analyzer is going to replace the tradition analzyer, to be the important basement of data checking, supervision and to be the necessary process in the automatically control. No matter China instrument or imported instrument, the regular, professional and effectivity maintenance are needed. The maintenance includs principle, application electric, physical constructure, metric analysis, sensor technology, information treatment and instrument control and so on, and will be affected by the install environment(location, on-site interference, temperatura and humilidity and so on), installation and sample-took and so on.

If you don’t have enough time to train the high-quality, high-capacity and skilled maintenance workers, we will provide a new service, which called trusteeship to help you to solve the issue.

1.       Work model

Trusteeship, which is the full-package service, we will send our skilled engineers to do the maintenance work. It will ensure the unit system works smoothly in 24 hours.

2.       Work range

Maintenance for Analysis instrument (online, laboratory and portable) + spare parts + technical reform + personnel trainning

3.       Character

   Make it simplier. The trusteeship service will reduce the working strength, eliminate the maintenance circle, improve the reliability of measurement data and also enhance the confidence for instrument. It will take the complicated anlysis and maintenance work from your regualr work duties.

  Accurate measurment. With the character of standard operation, strict system and accurate measument, the trusteeship is the professinal service offered by us.

  Economical and efficient. The trusteeship service helps to save human cost, maintenance fee. And also we can provide timely maintenance service to enhance the efficiency.

  Safty operation. Trusteeship will offer the regular work like management, maintenance, testing and so on, so it can assure the saftey operation your plant.