HK-8520 NH3-N Analyzer

It is widely used to measure NH3-N in water and waste water in different fields, such as education, research, drinking water treatment, waste water treatment, surface water, underground water, etc.

Supplies category:Lab Environment Protection Analyzer

Material code:HK-8520

Manufacturers,:HKY TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD.

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HK-8520 NH3-N Analyzer is according to HJ535-2009 Water quality – Determination of ammonia nitrogen – Nessler’s reagent spectrophotometry. The ammonia nitrogen in the form of free ammonia or ammonium ions in the sample reacts with Nessler's reagent to form a light reddish-brown complex. The absorbance of the complex is proportional to the content of ammonia nitrogen. It can be colorimetrically determined by spectrophotometric method. It can be widely used to measure surface water, underground water, domestic sewage and industrial waste water.

◆ Adopts Linux operating system, with good stability and reliable security.

◆ 7” LCD touch screen, displayed in Chinese or English, is easy to operate, the interface is beautiful and generous, the display content is rich and intuitive.

◆ With a constant temperature system, which can effectively avoid the interference of environmental temperature changes.

◆ Communication ports: RS232, USB, RJ45, which is convenient to access LIMS system.

◆ Monochromatic cold light source with high measurement stability and accuracy.

◆ Unique and selectable multi-point curve calibration ensures the measurement accuracy within the range.

◆ Auto Judge Stable: convenient for calibration and measurement.

◆ Password protection: prevent misoperation by non-professional staff.

◆ Data logs: record the saved data according to needs, which can be viewed at will.

◆ With dilution calculation method, the measurement range is improved greatly.

◆ Rugged waterproof housing.

Measurement Range 

(0~5)mg/L (Diluted measurement to 60mg/L)


Chinese/English, LCD touch screen



Display Error




Overall Dimension

400mm×285mm×249mm (L × W × H)

Power Supply

AC(100~240)V, (50~60)Hz

Power Consumption





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HK-8520 NH3-N Analyzer

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