HK-8400 Integrated Water Quality Automatic Monitoring System

It can be used in various monitoring occasions such as surface water section monitoring, grid environment treatment, river chief system management, etc. The water quality can be monitored periodically or continuously, and the monitoring cycle can be adjusted according to the current water quality, and the poor quality water can be kept. The monitoring data can be saved in real time, and uploaded to the monitoring center and data management platform.

Supplies category:Online Environment Protection Analyzer

Material code:HK-8400

Manufacturers,:HKY TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD.

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HK-8400 Integrated Water Quality Automatic Monitoring System is a multi-parameter and comprehensive online automatic water quality monitoring system, which is with the online automatic analyzer as the core, and adopts cloud platform technology, modern sensing technology, automatic measurement technology, automatic control technology, computer application technology and related special analysis software and communication network, including sample pretreatment system and water quality monitoring and analysis system. It can detect the abnormal changes of water quality in time, make early warning and forecasting to prevent the water pollution, so as to the pollution sources can be tracked in time to serve the management decisions. 


1. Urban River Section

2. Urban River Pipeline Network Monitoring

3. River Junction Section

4. Inland Lake

5. Large Reservoir

6. Surface Water

7. Industrial Process Water

8. Industrial and Municipal Wastewater Treatment

It can monitor: dissolved oxygen (DO), conductivity, turbidity, pH, temperature, permanganate index and/or chemical oxygen demand (COD), NH3-N, total phosphorus, total nitrogen. The monitoring parameter can be flexibly selected and configured according to different on-site monitoring requirements.   


1. Small footprint, no more than 2 m2, which can be arranged flexibly.   

2. Fully intelligent automatic measurement and cleaning, it can realize fixed-point measurement according to the set cycle instead of manual operation. The reagent only needs to be replaced once a month.    

3. Centralized controlled measurement module and cloud platform data display -- convenient to daily maintain and view data.    

4. Specially designed flow path -- not easy to block, and is easy to maintain.   

5. Modular design -- easy to maintain and low maintenance cost.   

6. Lightning protection module and reliable grounding – make the system stable and reliable.   

7. The water quality can be viewed in real time.    

8. The monitoring data can be dynamically displayed in graphs.   

9. The normal data, over-standard data, offline monitoring data can be viewed at will.  

10. Poor water quality alarm.   

11. Abnormal working status alarm, such as power off, water cut off.  

12. The pollution sources can be classified by administrative region and industry.  

13. Show the geographical location of pollution sources.   

14. Keep and view the focused pollution sources.  

15. Track the pollution sources.  

Depends on the actual monitoring factors.


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HK-8400 Integrated Water Quality Automatic Monitoring System

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