HK-3150ZL Interfacial Tension Tester

HK-3150ZL interfacial tension meter is according with the GB/T 6541-1986 《Interfacial Tension of Oil Against Water by the Ring Method》 (1991 confirmed).

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Material code:HK-3150ZL

Manufacturers,:HKY TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD.

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HK-3150ZL interfacial tension meter is according with the GB/T 6541-1986 Interfacial Tension of Oil Against Water by the Ring Method 1991 confirmedInterfacial tension measurements on electrical insulating oils provides a sensitive means of detecting small amounts of soluble polar contaminants and products of oxidation. A high value for new mineral insulting oil indicates the absence of most undesirable polar contaminants, the test is frequently applied to service aged oils as an indication of the degree of deterioration.

Summary of Test Method

Interfacial Tension is determined by measuring the force necessary to detach a planar ring of platinum wire from the surface of the liquid of higher surface tension, that is, upward from the water-oil interface. To calculate the interfacial tension, the force so measured is corrected by an empirically determined factor which depends upon the force applied; the densities of both oil and water, and the dimensions of the ring-measurements are made under rigidly standardized no equilibrium conditions in which the measurement is completed within 60s after formation of the interface.

 Adopts the 800*480 LED touch screen, Chinese and English are optional.  Easy- operation with the prompt menu.

 Adopt the original quick response Electromagnetic Force Balance Sensor, improve the measurement accuracy and linearity.

 When do the calibration,  only need one- point calibration , the meter can do balance adjustment automatically, no need to manually adjust the zero point and full scale potentiometer.

 With Fault self-diagnosis function, open cover along with power-off function, over-heating protection function, current-limiting protection function.

 Measurement and discharge automatically, stable and high precision display.

 Record storage 500 pc with date and time.

 Easily software upgrading and maintenance through the USB connector and RJ45.

1、 Measurement range:(0100mN/m

2、 Accuracy≤±0.3 mN/m

3、 Sensitivity 0.1 mN/m

4、 Fall speed:(0.30.4mm/s

5、 Measurement Temp :(050.0)℃

6、 Measurement accuracy ±0.5

7、 Printerbuilt- in thermal printer, Optional automatic, manual printing test results.

8、 Storage 500 pc records and can be printed with time and date.

9、 Outside dimension & Weight:L190mm×W300 mm×H435mm, 7.5 kg.

Application Environment:

1、 Ambient temperature:(10~40)℃;

2、 Ambient relative humidity≤85%RH

3、 Working VoltageVAC88264V, 5060Hz.

4、 Rate of power≤50W

The instrument should be put into a no air flow laboratory and on a stable and no glare table.

The laboratory should have fire extinguisher and other extinguish material.

Don’t put any inflammableexplosive and strong corrosive gas or liquid around the instrument, no strong electromagnetic interference and obvious mechanical shock.

1 Instrument

1 pc

2 Interfacial tension oil cup

1 pc

3 Magnetic bar

1 pc

4 Platinum ring

1 pc

5 Hanging ring

1 pc

6 Corrector

1 pc

7 Tooling 

1 pc

8 Weight (1g)

1 pc

9 Tweezers

1 pc

10Protective tube 1A

2 pc

11Printing paper

1 roll

12Power wire

1 pc

13Operation manual

1 book


1 pc

15Warranty bill

1 pc


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HK-3150ZL Interfacial Tension Tester

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