HK-3013SB Close Cup Flash Point Tester

HK-3011SB is used to measure the combustion possibility of the flammable liquid in the Closed environmen.

Supplies category:Oil Tester

Material code:HK-3013SB

Manufacturers,:HKY TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD.

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HK-3011SB Close Cup Flash Point Tester is used to measure the combustion possibility of the flammable liquid in the Closed environment, suitable for petroleum products(Distillate oil with close cup flash point higher than 40℃、Unused lubricating oil and other liquids).

The instrument is composed of measuring system (Oil cup、heater、cooling fan、Igniter、stirrer and so on)and displaying system. Measuring system can measure and send the measuring result to the displaying system; The displaying system receive the result and display, also can control the measuring system through the touch screen.

 Adopted 7" 640*480 colorful LCD Touch-screen, Chinese and English are available, with the guiding menu, easy-operating.

 Heating、Igniting、Measuring、Printing、Cooling are automatically.

 Simulation tracing and showing the function curve of the temperature up and testing time, with the wrong operation prompting and change function.

 When the temperature is higher than the pre-set value, heating will be stop automatically. The gas will be cut automatically when the measuring is over.

 The igniting system is adopted the new type of silicon nitride igniter,which is almost similar to the open flame, reliable repeatability, long operating life.

 With the gas ignition automatically, no use the Artificial ignition.

 With safety function of self-inspection、diagnose、failure warning.

 Built-in air pressure sensor, pressure can correct automatically, no need to set the air pressure value.

 The local area network data transmission and firmware upgrade through RJ45 connector.

 Upgrading software and exporting data through the USB connector.

 1000 measuring records can be saved, and if needed, all records can be checked and printed.

1、Range: ambient temperature~400℃;


3、Repeatability:Flash point≤110℃:2℃

                             Flash point>110℃:4℃


5、Temperature up rate:Suitable to GB/T 3536-2008 standard;

6、Ignition type:Automatic electronic ignition.

7、Cooling type: Forced cooling.

8、Power consumption:≤300W

9、Printing function: Built-in micro thermal printer, artificial and automatic is up to.

10、1000 measuring records can be saved, and if needed,all records can be checked and printed.

11、Outsize & weight:Controlling part:L270mm×W170mm×H130mm, 2.0kg.

                                     Testing part:L480mm×W245mm×H280mm, 18.0kg.

Application Environment

1、Working power:1)AC(170~264)V, 50/60Hz;

                                 2)AC(120±10%)V, (60±1)Hz, (according to your actual demand).

2、Ambient temperature: (10~35)℃;

3、Air pressure: (98.0~104.7)kPa;

4、Relative environment humidity:≤85%

5、Working condition relative humidity: ≤85%

# The instrument should be put into a no air flow laboratory and on a stable and no glare table。

# The laboratory should have fire extinguisher and other extinguish material.

# Don’t put any inflammable、explosive and strong corrosive gas or liquid around the instrument, no strong electromagnetic interference and obvious mechanical shock.

1Close cup

1 piece

2Electronic igniter element

1 piece

3Power pallet

1 piece

4Data pallet

1 piece

5Hex wrench

1 piece

6Fire cover

1 piece

7Open cup air jet Components

1 piece

8Protective tube

2 piece

9Printer paper

1 roll

10Power cable

1 piece

11Operation manual

1 book

12Warranty bill

1 piece

13Product qualification certificate

1 piece


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HK-3013SB Close Cup Flash Point Tester

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