HK-7501 Denox Ammonia Slip Online Monitorwon Independent Innovation Golden Award
2017-04-10 Read the number:3160 The author:Market Department

Good news come in succession: HK-7501 Denox Ammonia Slip Online Monitor, R&D by HKY Technology Co., Ltd., won Independent Innovation Golden Award in CISILE 2017. 

HKY General Manager Baoli Bian received the award

HK-7501 Denox Ammonia Slip Online Monitor is used to automatically monitor the slip ammonia during the gas denitration process. With the 180℃-240℃ heating sampling process, the ammonia gas in the sample will be double absorb by the absorb solution, then the system will measure the ammonia salt concentration by colorimetric method, calculate the ammonia slip concentration.

Take “Gas-Solution transfer” as the principal line, colorimetric as the main test method to accurate test the concentration of slip ammonia. Take the power plant’s denitration site environment and actual working condition as the foundation to do the specific research and system develop, which makes the products suits for current working condition. Take the current equipment’s imperfection as the research purpose and direction to improve the quality and solve the problem.