The New Year’s Gala of 2010
2015-08-05 Read the number:1291 The author:admin

To celebrate the great achievement of 2009 and the coming of the new year 2010, a gala with the theme of “retrospect the past, prospect the future” was held in JiuHua Resort & Convention Center.

Thanks to the New Year’s gala, all the employees of Huakeyi gathered together and showed their talent through the wonderful performances and had fun. It was a feast day of Huakeyi, and it will be an unforgettable day for all the employees.

The four hosts of the gala.

“Cinderella”, the most popular performance of the night

Dance “Love You”, full of energy and loved by the audiences

Solo “Zhufu”, by Chunguang Cai

Audiences: the general manager and the guests

Skits “Gai Shi Wu Shuang”

Game time

The general manager is taking out the biggest award of the night--a laptop

The popular performances get rewarded at the end of the gala

Huakeyi is getting better and better because of us

Spring is full of life and opportunity; our life is amazing and full of mysteries. There are so many wonderful things and difficult things waiting for us in the unknown future, we are full of confidence to face all the challenges and the future is sure to be beautiful.