Talent policy

Talent is the foundation of enterprise development and prosperity. At the situation of the increasingly fierce market competition and the talent competition , In order to win active advantage, HKY must further strengthen and improve the work of talent, which is the the urgent need of global image-building and alsothe import guarantee of sustainable, rapidly development.

The guiding ideology of talent policy:

Adhere to the people-oriented concept, implement talent thriving enterprise strategy, to strengthen the human resources ability construction as the core, and strive to all kinds of talents convergence to the grand cause of construction Huake instrument up and provide strong talents guarantee and intellectual support for Huakeyi to promote sustained, rapid and healthy development.
Main measures of talent policy:
1 Set the scientific talent development:
Strengthen the research on the current situation of the current human resources management, combined with the current situation of human resources in the company, the scientific construction of human resources development strategy, the overall promotion of human resources management.
2, Establish the sound system of personnel selection.
Integrated human resources external market situation, combined with the current situation of human resource demand in the company's management and development process, the multi form, multi-channel access to outstanding talent information, in-depth industry to tap the talent, in the treatment and benefits to retain talent, forming a perfect system of personnel selection.
3, Improve the "use of people" policy.
Gradually establish a "people-oriented, give full scope to the talents" policy, perfecting mechanism, adhere to improve efficiency, optimize the structure and to ensure that the company's future development, combining the principles, improve the company system development, reasonable and efficient.
4, Establish the full training system.
The company according to the enterprise production and management and development needs, the development of long-term training plan and annual training plan. In order to improve the input-output ratio of the training, the efforts of training, assessment, to ensure the training effect, to achieve the company's knowledge innovation and rapid development are processed.
5, Improve the "stay" policy.
In the company stressed that the cause of the cause to stay, to the culture of the people, to the treatment of the policy, to fully mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity, to maximize the potential of the talent, the pursuit of personal and business growth.