HK-5801P40Lab ultrapure water purification system

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Manufacturers,:HKY Technology Co.,Ltd

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HK-5801P40Lab ultrapure water purification system is used to produce ultrapure water. The instrument was fully-auto controlled by signal chip; the main chips and component are highly-stable products; The instrument can work continuously in standbysituation and the system have the Quantitative water function。

Simple water operation interface, high measurement accuracy; 

LCD display, touch screen, Online real-time of water quality and temp; 

Chinese and English display; 

level permission function;

Environment requirement(545)relative humidity range90%RHno vibration and no power around the instrument. 

Water source: distilled water or pure water, conductivity 20μS/cmtemp (545)
Water capacity
25: ≥40L/H
UP water characteristic
Heavy metal ion
Water outlet
1UP ultrapure water

Quantitative water functionYes
Remind function of consumable replacement

Uv lamp sterilization functionYes

Water MonitoringOnline conductivity monitoring + online resistance monitoring



Standard package
host + accessory bag

Pls note that: the quality of pure water and filter column service life will be affected by the quality of water resource


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HK-5801P40Lab ultrapure water purification system

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