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Welcome to HKY Technology Co.,Ltd, your support and concern are which push us moving forward, Huakeyi will do our utmost to meet the customers’ changing needs.

HKY Technology Co.,Ltd is specialized in designing and manufacturing of instrumentation for water analysis and combustible/toxic gas detection. Since its inception in 1995, HKY gradually acquired the customers’ recognition through our sophisticated products and sincere services. “Customer-oriented, quality-centered, science-driven, improving for development, creating the brand of Huakeyi and stepping to the road to internationalization” has been and will always be our quality guideline. HKY works to meet the customers' needs through our commitment of continuous innovation and development to providing better products and services.

As for now, more 30 kinds of products, which could be divided into five categories, have been applied in power plant, petroleum, chemistry, metallurgy, pharmacy, scientific research and other industries, and the products are being used all over the country and some foreign countries.

Our version: Set up a globally leading image.

Leading sources from superior consciousness, thus consummating the leading role, be customer-oriented, stick to the concept that do everything perfectly, create leading customer values and social values, so as to promote enterprise values and become the pacemaker in the industry.

Our mission: Leading Quality, Sincere Service.

Excellent humanistic trait brings up superior product quality; excellent enterprise culture consummates perfect service. Superior product pushes forward the civilization of industry development; sincere service drives harmonious development. Only to create the social value and customer value with the outstanding products quality, can an enterprise have continuously improvement as everlasting as the sun and the moon. With the mission in mind and put it in into action, we are already in the leading place.

Our Value: Polling Wisdom, Benefiting the People, Virtuousness and Good Credit.

The first sentence of "Tao Te Ching" Chapter Ⅷ is “Water is like infinity, it gives itself to all things without distinction or judgment and settles into the lowest places without deliberation", it emphasize that a righteous man with wisdom and virtue is just like water, gives itself to all things and settles into the lowest places. Water is the mildest thing in the world, yet it can wear through the hardest things. There is a Chinese old saying “dripping water wears through rock” that demonstrate the power of perseverance and that is the mild virtue. That is why we say the weak can win the strong; softness can overcome the hardest. Water inspired Huakeyi and its spirit injected into Huakeyi’s soul. Water, flow to everywhere unceasingly and benefit all the living things without repayment. This kind of virtue is just the supreme culture that we Huakeyi people aspire for.

Once the blueprint is well done, put the process into action immediately and the bright future is foreseen. Our goal for the future is to continue to provide customers with reliable instrumentation, sincere service and outstanding technical support; and make the Huakeyi brand known to more and more people around the world.

Baoli Bian          

General Manager of Huakeyi